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Music of the Future

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Richard Wagner Critical Essays

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Richard Wagner's Prose Works (Wagner, Richard)

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Richard Wagner‘s ‗official‘ father was the police actuary Carl Friedrich Wagner, but the boy‘s adoptive father, the actor-painter Ludwig Geyer, who took responsibility for the child on Carl Friedrich‘s death in Novembermay possibly have.

Richard Wagner was born on May 22,the ninth child of Carl Friedrich Wagner, a clerk in the Leipzig police service, and Johanna Rosine Wagner. An essay on visions and matters connected therewith, from Arthur Schopenhauer's "Versuch ©ber das geistersehen und was damit zusammenh©Þngt"--p.

[] Supplement II. On the metaphysics of music, from Arthur Schopenhauer's "Die welt als wille und vorstellung" Misc.

Notes Pages xv to xviii of the preface were torn in Cornell's original so they have been replaced with pages converted to black and white tif files from jpeg color images (Microsoft scans).

Richard Wagner's Beethoven will be indispensable reading for historians and musicologists as well as those interested in Wagner's philosophy and the aesthetics of music.

ROGER ALLEN is Fellow and Tutor in Music at St Peter's College, Oxford. Brought about by listening to Wagner's piano transcript of Beethoven's 9th (below should you have access to Spotify). I think it is sometimes easy to forget the, admitted, influence Beethoven and especially the 9th had on Wagner.

Richard Wagner's Prose Works (Wagner, Richard) Richard wagner beethoven essay
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Pilgrimage to Beethoven and Other Essays by Richard Wagner