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Gray, Henry. Anatomy of the Human Body. IX. Neurology. 4c. The Fore-brain or Prosencephalon. Cortical bone is dense and solid and surrounds the marrow space, whereas trabecular bone is composed of a honeycomb-like network of trabecular plates and rods interspersed in the bone marrow compartment.


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Mitchell Benson, MD is an urology specialist in Scarsdale, NY and has been practicing for 34 years. He specializes in urology and oncology. PLOS Biology provides an Open Access platform to showcase your best research and commentary across all areas of biological science.

Submit Now. Hips MRI may be requested for: Bone tumor; Osteoarthritis; Aseptic or avascular necrosis; Bursitis; Pain; Bones and Cartilage of the Hip. The hip joints join the legs to the trunk of the body, and. Essay Bone Cancer.

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Bone Cancer Bone cancer is a disease that occurs on or inside a bone. Usually, bone cancer involves a tumor filled with abnormal cells that will occasionally appear on the exterior of the bone.

Similar to other types of cancer, bone cancer can be life threatening.

Cortical bone essay
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