Can breaking the law ever be justified essay

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Immanuel Kant

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Hence sometimes, breaking the law can be justified. Breaking the rules can be the best thing to do in a particular situation.

It may not be right according to the rules but it might be what the best thing to do is. Can it ever be justified? In the UK abortion became illegal in under ¡¥The Offences Against the Person Act¡¦ when the penalty for 'procuring a miscarriage' was life imprisonment.

This was backed up in in the Infant Life Preservation Act. Can breaking the law ever be justified? Imagine a world without those brave people who dared to not abide by the law and fight for a right.

A world without Gandhi would be a world without independent India; without Mandela there would be white superiority in Africa; without freedom fighters, there would be no democracy in Nepal.

Also, “it starts to look like me and the feminists” should be “looks like I”. And “untitled” doesn’t really make sense. And if biology is a hard science, it’s on the extreme soft edge of hard sciences.

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Civilisations have engaged in espionage since biblical times — but the ethics of spying remain as murky as ever. Many good reasons exist to negotiate and conclude a bilateral trade agreement between the United States and the United Kingdom.

Question: Is Breaking the Law Ever Justified?

One of the best reasons is that it affords two of the world’s.

Can breaking the law ever be justified essay
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